Windows XP Source Code Leak


The source code for Microsoft’s Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 was recently leaked online. These source codes have been published in Torrent files. Since then, researchers started analyzing the data and it has been indicated that the leak is legitimate. This is the first time that the source code of Windows XP has been leaked publicly.

According to Microsoft, the company is still “investigating the matter”.

However, it is not likely that this leak will be a danger to the users of Windows XP. Although the Windows XP source code has never been leaked publicly before, Microsoft does have a Government Security Program (GSP), through which governments and organizations can access the code in a controlled way.

This is not the first time Microsoft’s operating system source code has been leaked. A few years ago, a minimum of 1GB of Windows 10- related source code was leaked online. Apart from this, the company also went through the leak of a series of Xbox-related leaks this year. In May, the original Xbox and Windows NT 3.5 source code came online, only weeks after the theft and leak of Xbox Series X graphics source code.

The amount of leaked Windows XP source code is not clear yet. Microsoft’s NetMeeting user certificate root signing keys has already been found by one of the Windows internal experts.

Some parts of the leaked source code also reference Microsoft’s Window

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