LinkedIn's Latest Update


The world’s best professional networking site, LinkedIn has recently disclosed some updates. The changes include a new logo, a fresh color palette and a custom font.

Here’s the company’s statement:

“Our illustration, typography, and colors convey our brand’s warmth, humanity, and community. We’ve updated our logo. And we’re on a journey to make sure our design is accessible to all our members and customers.”


As of now, the new branding is only visible on the website’s new brand subdomain and on the welcome page of users who aren’t logged in.

LinkedIn has listed the new elements as follows:

1. The logo, which was earlier in three colors, is now a single color.

2. A new color palette, which, according to the company, is warmer and more welcoming.

3. The new custom illustrations which displays people connecting in the workplace.

4. New shapes- circles and rectangles- which are visible all on the website. These are inspired by the i’s in LinkedIn.

5. A new font, which is a customized typeface known as ‘Community’. According to the company, the font includes elements of handwriting and rounded, organic letterforms.


It has been reported that this new branding was under process for two years. We look forward to experiencing the updates which would roll out incrementally, on the platform.

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