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A robust digital security system is indispensable to an organization’s growth and management, especially today when every business operation has gone online. We at A&T Services Inc. understand that and offer security solutions such as Data encryption, NGFW, Cloud security, SIEM solutions, and Identity control, protecting your business proactively.

We offer 360-degree security for your business operations, allowing you to thrive in every situation.

Security is of utmost significance in this digital age where every piece of data is stored online. We offer advanced technological resources and solutions to assist organizations in protecting themselves against cyber threats, which can result in delay, downtime, disruptions, theft of sensitive data, reputational damage, monetary penalties and other adverse outcomes.

A&T Services Inc. works with you to safeguard your business by offering a sophisticated and integrated portfolio of enterprise and cyber security solutions infused with modern AI, allowing you to thrive in the face of risks and uncertainties. We assist you in managing and governing risk in today's hybrid and multi-cloud settings by unifying your security strategy with your business. Our experts design solutions that protect your digital users, resources, and data as well as deploy technology to manage your security systems against evolving threats.

1. Security Information & Event Management (SIEM)

Security information and event management (SIEM), which combines security information management (SIM) and security event management (SEM), provides real-time event monitoring and evaluation as well as tracking and recording of security data for regulatory or auditing needs. SIEM is a security tool that aids companies in identifying possible security flaws prior to them having an opportunity to disrupt daily operations. For security and compliance management applications, it uncovers user behavior irregularities and employs ai to automate a large number of manual operations related to threat identification and event response.

Understanding The Major Benefits of A SIEM Solution

Real-Time Threat Detection- As your company progresses, SIEM solutions throughout your entire infrastructure help to boost protection capabilities by reducing the amount of time it takes to recognize and respond to potential attacks and weaknesses.

Monitoring & Managing- The visibility of the entire infrastructure is improved dramatically by SIEM solutions, which keep track of all online activity among all users, gadgets, and applications. These solutions identify risks irrespective of where digital resources are accessed.

Enhanced Productivity- SIEM can be a key factor in increasing organizational productivity because of the enhanced visibility of IT infrastructures. Employees may work together more actively in reacting to reported events and potential vulnerabilities when they have a uniform view of the system and data.


2) Secure Internet Gateways

A secure internet gateway could be a piece of hardware, a cloud platform, or an application that is installed at a network's perimeter to observe and thwart the entry of malicious traffic and restrict users from visiting risky or fraudulent sites. Data leak protection, malware, virus code detection, and other application-level monitoring are basic elements of our internet security gateway.

Protect Your Organization with A&T Services Inc.’s Secure Internet Gateways

The internet security gateway solution from A&T Services Inc. offers top-notch protection regardless of where users are stationed, all with minimal to zero latency and stellar performance

A&T Services Inc. provides a comprehensive, cloud-based solution that safeguards against all significant cyberattack vectors, including email and the internet

Our internet security gateway solution, which is managed from a centralized cloud-based platform, enables IT managers to enforce security policies uniformly across the enterprise

Our secure internet gateway solutions will prevent your users from landing on web pages with malware and the potential for exfiltration attacks

Why Organizations Need an Integrated Secure Internet Gateway

A secure internet gateway is a crucial precaution against a potential attack that would hold an enterprise captive, especially in light of the rising threat of ransomware. To counteract attackers who have mastered web impersonation, secure web gateways are necessary. Protection against cyberattacks ensures business continuity and prevents data theft and losses. Most effective malware occurrences today explicitly leverage the web and DNS to breach defenses and conduct attacks. A&T Services Inc. offers a user-friendly, cloud-based internet security gateway solution that simplifies DNS layer security while offering thorough protection to keep the web secure.


3) Identity and Access Management

An IAM framework enables IT to regulate user access to vital information within their organizations. IAM solutions provide role-based access control, which allows system administrators to limit permissions based on the responsibilities of the individual users. In a nutshell, IAM enables the right entities to use the proper resources without hindrance. IAM includes the tools and procedures that allow IT managers to issue each entity a unique digital identity, verify them when they log in, permit them to access certain resources, and track and manage those identities throughout their presence.


Smart Identity and Access Control Through Solutions Powered by AI

Report on user access and activity using lifecycle, regulatory, and sophisticated identity analytics solutions

Protection against fraudulent attacks while balancing authorization requirements and policies

Intelligent identification and access management for a multi-cloud as well as the hybrid environment

Automated, holistic solutions to monitor, manage and verify authorized access throughout the organization


4) Brand Protection

Brand attacks can be costly to tackle and simple for even amateur attackers to carry out. For instance, attackers may easily steal funds, credentials, and personal information by creating a domain that looks similar to yours and tricking your staff, clients, and business partners into accessing their cloned sites. This has the potential to jeopardize a company's market value, image amongst customers, and professional credibility. But with A&T Services Inc, you have nothing to worry about. Our advanced cloud-based brand protection solutions stop malicious brand attacks before they commence, protecting the reputation of your business, partners as well as customers.

Brand Protection Through Proactive Analysis And Solutions That Detect Vulnerabilities

Under our brand protection solution, we examine and address the domains where brand security is often compromised

To identify potential brand attacks, we use machine learning and targeted scans to detect live threats and disable corrupted systems

Detects web-based typo-squatting, defacements, phishing, unauthorized mobile apps, and brand impersonation

Empowers you to protect your brand even from unprecedented attacks emerging from the dark corners of the web

5) Web Application Firewall

A web application firewall (WAF) defends web applications against numerous application layer threats such as SQL injection and cookie poisoning. WAF is installed in front of web applications and analyses bi-directional web-based (HTTP) traffic, detecting and blocking malicious content. The threat landscape of your web applications changes rapidly when you add new features, modify existing ones, or publish new web APIs. But with the proper WAF in place, you can prevent a broad spectrum of threats that can infiltrate your system.

Dependable Solutions To Protect Your Web Applications From Any Malicious Attacks

  • Protects by analyzing, filtering, and blocking any malicious traffic traveling to the web applications
  • An integrated solution ensuring complete protection with no security gaps between on-premises and web applications
  • A continuous risk-detection solution for real-time insights into your security system through automated security checks
  • A fully managed WAF solution controlled by experts who work as an extended part of your company to meet your needs


Key Features Of Our Web Application Firewall Solution

  • Beyond OWASP Top 10- We not only protect your web applications and servers from the OWASP Top 10 but also go way beyond. We identify and address various other threats, including API Abuse, Account Takeover, Malicious bots, Advanced Rate Limiting, App DDoS, and more.
  • Centralized Management- Centralized management is essential for web application architecture. To establish the same, we offer a WAF solution that integrates with a centralized platform in order for you to develop and implement a uniform security policy throughout your whole organization. 
  • Easy & Customized- Our solution requires minimum maintenance support. Moreover, our experts handle everything, saving you resources. Furthermore, our solution is easily customizable, enabling you to implement your own safety protocols and policies.


6) Email Security

Due to its widespread use throughout a business, email is a top threat vector. More than 90% of the time, activities such as phishing and email scams are conducted over email, and these cybersecurity threats are always evolving. Fraudsters can simply pretend to be a sender or alter email content, including the sender's email address, attachments, Hyperlinks, and body text. Therefore, it is essential to set up a reliable email security system.

An Email Security Solution That Goes Beyond Email

  • Ensure email security against a wider array of email fraud, such as supplier billing and payment redirection fraud
  • Protect your company's reputation against email fraud attempts by authenticating all of your senders without restricting genuine correspondence
  • Utilize our sophisticated content analysis in which email containing dangerous attachments or text is detected and blocked
  • Rewriting URLs safeguards your users across all networks and devices and aids in the detection of post-delivery message risk


Advantages of Our Comprehensive Email Security Solution

A&T Services Inc.’s email security solution provides powerful multi-layered protection against the entire array of email-borne attacks with the finest functionality that has been verified by reputable testing agencies. To defend against developing threats including phishing, malware, ransomware, and impersonation, we incorporate top-notch modern technologies. You get access to extensive, unified capabilities l to avoid, identify, and mitigate email-based risks. You can handle on-premises, cloud, and hybrid email use cases with the diverse deployment choices available. Additionally, you may better comprehend the threats you face and react to attacks more quickly with actionable insights.


7) Hybrid Cloud Security

Hybrid cloud security refers to the protection of data, applications, and infrastructure connected with an IT architecture that includes some extent of workload portability, orchestration, and administration across different IT settings, including at least one cloud-public or private. Hybrid clouds allow you to minimise the risk of your data being compromised. You have the liberty to not store sensitive data in the public cloud while still utilizing the cloud for data that does not carry the same degree of risk.

Safeguard Your Data, Applications and Infrastructure With Our Cloud Security Solutions.

We establish cloud security at each level of the stack to support your organizational objectives

  • Build security orchestration and automation to develop your company's cloud security program
  • We help you detect and mitigate threats by arranging efficient company-wide crisis response
  • Assist you in tracking and responding to cyber risks owing to unified monitoring and control


Key Features of Our Hybrid Cloud Security Solution

Complete cloud coverage- We access, analyze, and handle your entire cloud footprint. We provide coverage across the various resources you require whether you utilise AWS, Azure, or any other customized cloud.


AI and machine learning- Artificial intelligence has become incredibly valuable in cloud security solutions. AI and machine learning can fuel advanced analysis, finding flaws and risks that conventional or manual evaluation might miss along with recommending repair procedures.

Analytics and Visualization- Security analytics and data visualization dashboards provide integrated visibility into asset allocation throughout your whole hybrid environment. A centralized dashboard allows you to uncover and examine links, analyses vulnerabilities and visualize critical security indicators.


8) Application Security Testing

Web application security testing is vital for protecting your apps as well as your corporation. Web apps are the simplest target for hackers looking to obtain private back-end data because they are accessible to users around the clock. Considering that more than 70% of security breaches originate at the application layer, finding vulnerabilities is now a top priority for businesses worldwide. Whether you have a limited number of applications or wish to build a complete security solution throughout your organization, our Application Security Testing solution makes it simple and fast to implement core security measures.

Secure Your Applications, Safeguard Your Business

  • Based on the type of support you require, you receive a well-balanced combination of manual and automated testing
  • You can modify your dashboards based on technical expertise or company priorities
  • We blend top-tier analytic tools and knowledge derived from years of testing experience to find vulnerabilities, giving you broader yet precise protection
  • You get relevant information from a single, user-friendly dedicated platform


Enjoy Advanced Application Security Testing with A&T Services Inc.

A&T Services Inc. offers security solutions that protect the business-critical applications of today. Our team smoothly incorporates testing into software development, providing a remarkable combination of automation, procedure, and speed that makes removing vulnerabilities simpler and much more feasible.

With a cloud-based solution from A&T Services Inc., web application security testing is greatly simplified without the need for expensive hardware or tools. Code evaluation tools are available on-demand, allowing your developers to meet web application development timelines safely and easily.

9) Data Encryption and Protection

Your company's data is a priceless asset that is vulnerable to theft, loss, unauthorized access, and tampering. Data encryption is a security technique in which data is encoded and can only be retrieved or decoded by using the right encryption key. Unencrypted data is referred to as plaintext, while encrypted data is referred to as ciphertext. Encryption is currently one of the most widespread and efficient data security technology leveraged by varied enterprises.

Leverage The Benefits of Data-Centric Security Solutions And Protect Information Assets Anytime, Anywhere

  • Data in any state, including at rest, in transmission and in use, is protected by encryption
  • Compliance and regulatory requirements such as HIPAA and GDPR can be addressed through encryption
  • Centralizing access control to critical data aids in the fight against ransomware threats
  • Protection of data throughout all environments, including hybrid clouds and on-premises

 Key Features Of Our Data Encryption And Protection Solution

Encrypt Static & Dynamic Data- We protect your data irrespective of its state. Data that is static or at rest is stored on servers, computers, laptops, etc. Dynamic data, often known as in-transit data, is transmitted over a network or the internet. Static data is encrypted by the file, the folder, or the complete drive, while dynamic data is encrypted by network encryption protocols.


Policy Management Features- Encryption policies specify the method and time of data encryption. Therefore, with the policy management features of our data encryption solution, you can construct and enforce required encryption policies. Data security regulations can be implemented automatically to ensure adherence.


Key Management Features- The key management features of our data encryption solution include key creation, distribution, destruction, storage and backup. A strong and automated key manager is essential for fast and flawless encryption and decryption, which is required for the efficient functioning of the organization’s systems.

Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing

VAPT assists in securing your organization by making security flaws evident and providing suggestions on how to fix them. VAPT has become crucial for organization’s seeking to comply with regulations such as the GDPR, ISO 27001, and PCI DSS. An enterprise can have a thorough understanding of the vulnerabilities of its applications by using the VAPT technique, which allows it to better defend its information and systems from aggressive digital attacks. Vulnerabilities can be identified in third-party apps as well as internally developed software, however, the majority of these weaknesses can be readily resolved once discovered.


Evaluate Applications More Extensively Than Just One Test By Utilizing VAPT Solutions

  • Gives a detailed view of the threats against applications, enabling you to actively protect the systems from malicious attacks
  • A multi-layered security evaluation that finds and addresses flaws in applications and infrastructure using a combination of technologies
  • A post-assessment report documenting any vulnerabilities found during an ethical hacker's pen test
  • Our end-to-end VAPT solutions also ensure constant assistance on how to mitigate the discovered risks


Understand How A&T Services Inc. VAPT Solution Help Your Business

A&T Services Inc. has created an integrated on-demand solution for the security testing of applications. Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT) techniques are both combined in A&T Services Inc.’s solution. This allows us to offer not only a detailed list of the vulnerabilities discovered but also the extent of the risks presented by each vulnerability. We conduct dynamic and static code analysis to identify bugs or concerns that could result in a security lapse. A&T Services Inc. strives to generate minimal false alarms, letting testers and developers focus on resolving issues rather than sorting through innocuous information. Furthermore, our solution is continually updated and improved, so users enjoy the latest features with every use.


Enterprise Networking

 In any business environment, software and hardware, need to be in stable communication to facilitate meetings, conferences, emails, and every other type of office communication among the workforce. We make it possible through an optimized networking infrastructure, enabling your teams to perform at their best.

Switches & Routers with capabilities tailored to your demands, establishing a resilient networking infrastructure.

A digitized business necessitates a reliable networking system for company operations to run smoothly. A&T Services Inc.'s Routing and Switching solutions enable seamless communication with devices as well as other networks. Connect computer systems, office equipment, and a variety of other peripherals to a switch, allowing multiple devices to be shared within the company network.

The way a network operates is to connect computers and peripherals using two pieces of equipment – switches and routers. These two let the devices connected to your network communicate with each other as well as with other networks. Though they appear quite similar, routers and switches perform very distinct functions in a network. Switches are used to connect multiple devices on the same network within a building while Routers are used to tie multiple networks together.


Explore our broad range of enterprise networking solutions and utilize the ones that meet your business requirements and objectives.

  1. Software Defined WAN

A Software-defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) is a virtual WAN architecture that enables organizations to securely link users to applications by leveraging any mix of transport services, including MPLS, LTE, and broadband internet services. With this SD-WAN solution, isolated devices that increase risk, intricacy, and cost are replaced with a unified, virtual network and a multi-layered systematic security approach.

Network Uptime, Excellent User Experience- While Protecting The Organization From Vulnerabilities

Context-based security and network controls, as well as traffic redirection depending on users, devices, locations, and programs

Micro-segmentation of the entire network to minimize lateral flow and threat areas

Secure private/public cloud communication, independent of cloud platforms or applications

Ensure that cloud and SaaS applications have dependable and secure Internet connectivity


Advantage Of SD-WAN For The Modern IT Network

Enterprises now use the cloud and pay for software-as-a-service, demonstrating how times have evolved. Users can now access many of the same apps in the cloud, rather than connecting back to the data centre. Making the conventional WAN is no longer sufficient, primarily because backhauling traffic from regional offices to headquarters causes delays and hinders application performance.

Without compromising security and data privacy, SD-WAN offers WAN streamlining, reduced costs and bandwidth optimization with enhanced application speed, particularly for major applications. Business efficiency, customer experience, and productivity are all improved by better performance metrics.

  1. WAN Edge Infrastructure

A WAN Edge Infrastructure is a type of networking technology that connects scattered IT systems. Connectivity is provided by a variety of hardware and software that function to deliver the network securely and consistently, irrespective of whether those resources are located in data centers, public clouds, or are offered as SaaS applications.

Go Beyond the Conventional Standards Of WAN Edge Infrastructure With A&T Services Inc.

Our solutions reduce the amount of traffic that needs to be backhauled to centralized security appliances by enabling security assessment to run on the network

By offering connection and container-based application processing on each network node, our technology handles the management of on-premise appliances at scale in a novel way.

With our solution, businesses can easily build secure mesh networks over regular internet connections, connecting anything from the cloud to data center’s

A&T Services Inc. achieves the same dependability as MPLS over regular internet connections by using redundant architectures with controlled failovers

Why WAN Edge Is Highly Significant Today

The virtualization and a fading security barrier have altered the network’s architecture. Today, decisions regarding networks and security are made concurrently and are ideally resolved using a single solution. Simple routing has been replaced with functionality-rich networking that prioritizes security, encapsulates complexities, and enables everything to operate as an automated management solution. The network has superseded the traditional data center and evolved into the point of focus of all business operations. Due to this shift, networking solutions must now be chosen based on their capacity to address the specific demands of every user.


  1. Structured Cabling Solutions

When your company uses technical solutions, you will find that its cable infrastructure arrangement has a limit. Speeds must be increased, and organized communication must be maintained if you want your company to run efficiently. When cable structures become cluttered and crowded, both the communications infrastructure and the location in which it is installed may suffer. Therefore, structured cabling solutions must be used to overcome these problems.

  • Hassle-Free, No-Hindrance Communication And Distribution Of Information
  • Longer-lasting equipment and infrastructure
  • Powerful audio, video and data transmission
  • Faster troubleshooting and improved network bandwidth
  • Infrastructure for scalable cabling that expands with your business

Leverage Our All-Encompassing Structured Cabling Solutions

From the building entrance to the rooftop, the data center, boardrooms to auditoriums, and conference rooms, through management and security system control rooms, and to every single cabin or cubicle, A&T Services Inc. offers structured cabling solutions for practically every area of the company.


The wire foundation required to fulfill your present and future needs will be designed, planned, engineered, and executed by seasoned experts. We can custom-design a cable infrastructure for your business that is scalable for future expansion, from single to multi-point connections.

  1. Wireless Solutions

Today, enterprises require not only performance but also security and consistency. Businesses want constant wireless access to everything from a wide range of devices. Having a super secure, high bandwidth network must be your business's top priority. We have extensive expertise in establishing wireless networks that function outdoors as well as in office, factory, remote, and industrial settings. To ensure the wireless network can function properly and securely, we take the time to learn about your workplace and the technologies you use.

Leverage A Secure, Reliable, And Robust Wireless Network With A&T Services Inc.

  • No matter the size, region, or environmental conditions, we offer wireless network solutions with a significant level of device & network customization
  • A dedicated technical support team to satisfy your wireless networking requirements
  • Wireless solutions specifically designed to cater to the needs of small and medium-scale businesses
  • With centralized management and automated setups, our wireless solutions require minimal maintenance

A Glimpse at Our Wireless Solutions Expertise

In order to create standards that facilitate smooth mobility across large buildings, both indoors and outdoors, we have collaborated with leading providers of equipment and wireless devices. We examine all performance criteria and use our refined abilities to provide you with the finest wireless connection possible. At A&T Services Inc., we diligently look for and uncover rogue access points in addition to monitoring the access point. We analyze patterns and keep an eye out for unusual behavior, ensuring overall security.


Collaboration is vital for any and every project, no business can flourish without the same. Whether it’s a hybrid work setting or one that is completely remote, we deploy collaboration solutions that are built for diverse workspaces of every size.

A collaboration platform designed to scale securely for your modern workforce, facilitating efficient working.

We offer collaboration solutions that enable company-wide teamwork and communication for a productive work environment. A hassle-free and streamlined communication network is crucial for an organization’s success. To ensure the same, we first identify your company’s unique collaboration needs and then provide you with customized solutions that meet your demands.


To boost productivity as well as business flexibility, organizations are now striving for enhanced employee engagement, regardless of where employees are positioned. Furthermore, fruitful collaboration allows organizations to function smarter. With flawless coordination across distributed teams, you can keep your organization connected with our innovative collaboration solutions.


Explore our broad range of collaboration solutions and utilize the ones that meet your business requirements and objectives.


  1. Cloud Calling

Cloud calling is a sensible alternative for businesses seeking to save the capital costs connected with PBX while increasing flexibility and minimizing IT management in the new economy, which is rapidly moving toward a cloud-first approach. Cloud calling is the term for telephone services offered by a third-party cloud host. Calls are made using an internet connection rather than a landline, eliminating the need for businesses to maintain their own infrastructure.


Collaborate Intellectually And Minimize Interference With Our Cloud Calling Solutions

  • By use of reputable channel partners, A&T Services Inc. provides top-notch calling and communication features
  • Collaboration-as-a-service solution with enterprise-class voice, video, messaging, and presence
  • Leveraging your current IT investments is made easier with secure, regulated call control
  • Communicate and work together with the use of video gadgets, smartphones, and headsets


  1. IP Telephony

The term "IP telephony" (Internet Protocol telephony) refers to a broad range of technology, devices, and services that offer voice calling, voicemail, video calling, teleconferencing, faxing, and instant messaging using packet-switched connections over the Internet Protocol (IM). IP phones connect to the internet via a router and modem, as opposed to traditional telephones, which require landlines to transfer analog signals. IP telephony functions by transforming calls, faxes, and other data into digital signals. Using IP packet-switched connections, these digital signals transit through IP networks as data packets.

Benefits of IP Telephony for Modern Businesses

  • Maintaining two networks is not necessary anymore. Prior to IP telephony, companies had to set up and manage separate networks for their internet and phone services
  • IP telephony is much less expensive than wired phone networks. With IP telephony, long-distance and international calls also become less costly
  • By integrating with existing networks, IP telephone systems allow communications to run through corporate applications. Email can be used, for instance, to send and receive faxes
  • Installing additional wired phone lines is significantly more difficult than adding new IP business telephone lines, which can be done using a web interface


  1. Board Room Solutions

Adapt and streamline technologies in your boardrooms, meeting spaces, as well as other areas of the company. Unified solutions make installation, upkeep and expansion easier. In order to control, administer, and disseminate information locally and globally, boardroom systems need cutting-edge technology. Our boardroom solutions allow you to focus on valuable discussions and meetings while we take care of the technology.


Enhance Meeting Productivity, Experience Favourable Outcomes & Take Better Decisions

  • Command the audio-video devices, screens, lights, projectors and more through a touch of a button
  • Present and discuss content from computers, videos, and virtual objects
  • If required, record particular sessions with high-quality video, audio, and computer displays
  • Control the latest AV technologies for boardrooms effortlessly and smoothly without extensive training


Benefits of Our Innovative Boardroom Solutions

  • Powered with the latest capabilities for presentations and seamless content sharing, meetings become agile enough to be beneficial for everyone attending in person and remotely
  • Connectivity to portable devices such as tablets, smartphones, or laptops is made easier via wireless presentation software. Furthermore, you get touch-sensitive screens that let you annotate content
  • Teams can present information in a smooth and precise manner owing to innovative presentation technologies and high-resolution displays that are incredibly simple to use. The ultimate results include improved client interactions and a better corporate environment


The magic of data analytics can do wonders for any organization. From business expansion, customer retention and revenue growth to sales, marketing and employee engagement, data analytics has countless use cases. If employed right, it has the power to boost the performance and adaptability of your business.

Leverage endless growth potential with data and analytics! Constant insights to help you make better business decisions.

Analytics allows you to see a clear image of your company's landscape. It empowers your business by leveraging the science of data and helps you in making the right business decisions. We create visual reports dashboards and other data reports with actionable insights, accelerating your business growth.


if your organization's data is distorted, it cannot be utilized. Core procedures must be reinvented to ensure data transparency, authenticity as well as accessibility. A&T Services Inc.’s analytics solutions can assist any organization in expanding and differentiating itself from the competitors in the market. With top-notch tools and talent, we analyze appropriate data to help you achieve your business goals.



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