5 Affordable Smartwatches that Can also Measure Your Oxygen Level


It is extremely important for COVID-19 patients (especially those getting treated at home) to measure their oxygen level from time to time, so that they can take proper care and avoid severe damage to the lungs. If the oxygen level falls below 94%, the patient might be advised to get admitted to a hospital. 


For a proper oxygen level test, COVID patients are advised to measure their oxygen level before and after walking for 6 minutes. If the difference between the readings is more than 4%, the patient may have to be admitted in the hospital.


Now the device used to measure the oxygen level is known as a pulse oximeter, that generally costs ₹1500-2000. In the current situation it is getting more and more difficult to find oximeters. These devices are also being black-marketed. 


However, you could also buy a smartwatch that measures oxygen level. These smartwatches have an SpO2 sensor that measures blood oxygen saturation level. 


Here, we have listed 5 affordable smartwatches that can also be used as an oximeter. All these watches cost under ₹5000. Although they are costlier than an oximeter, we need to remember the shortage of oximeters and the importance of periodic measurement of oxygen for proper COVID care.


  1. Boat Storm


Price: ₹2,499 

This smartwatch from Boat has all the necessary features along with an SpO2 sensor for measuring oxygen saturation level. It has a square display of 1.3” and a 5ATM water resistant rating, which means that the watch will be safe in 50 meters depth for 10 minutes.


The Boat Storm also has a notification system, heart rate monitor, sleep tracker and you can also keep track of your sports activities easily. 


  1. Noise Colorfit Pro 3


Price: ₹4,499

This smartwatch is also 5ATM water resistant, has a 1.55” LCD display, an SpO2 sensor, and  a heart rate monitor along with other usual smartwatch functions.


  1. Amazfit Bip U Pro


Price: ₹4,999

Along with the SpO2 sensor for measuring oxygen saturation level, this smartwatch also contains a heart rate monitor, sleep quality analyzer and a GPS system. It has a 1.43” display and a 5ATM water-resistant rating. 


  1. Realme Watch S


Price: ₹4,999

The Realme Watch S has a circular screen of 1.3” diameter. Along with the usual functions, it also contains an SpO2 sensor and a heart rate monitor and has an IP68 rating, which means that it can withstand dust, dirt and sand and is resistant to water at depths of upto 1.5m for 30 minutes. 

It comes with more than 100 watch faces, 16 sport modes and a battery-life of 15 days. 


  1. Honor Watch ES


Price: ₹5000

This is a light-weight smartwatch with a rectangular 1.64” AMOLED screen. It does not have GPS but contains both, an SpO2 sensor and a heart rate monitor. 


The Honor Watch ES also has a 5ATM water-resistant rating.


So these are a few smartwatches that can help you in these difficult COVID times and measure oxygen saturation level. Please stay safe and take good care of yourselves. 

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