AMC Services

AMCs or Annual Maintenance Contracts are used to take care and maintain the performance of computers for a long life. These are offered by sellers to buyers. Based on the AMCs, the manufacturer companies offer regular maintenance services to help the buyers take care of their systems. These services are applicable for the regular IT related problems.

A&T offers AMC services for all kinds of laptops.

Our team takes care of the following issues under AMCs :

  • Performance

    In order to maintain the performance of your laptop, we regularly check the computer hardware. If any issues are encountered, we take suitable actions to get the system working properly.

  • Networking

    Our team consists of well-skilled technicians. We are always here to help you with any networking issue and by configuring all kinds of servers and routers.

  • Facility Management

    Our professionals are ever-ready to help in any way to keep your computer working as well as possible. We also change parts that are working improperly under the warranty period.

Benefits of an AMC

  • 1. Economical: Once the buyer pays the one-time contract fee, he/she doesn’t have to pay for any maintenance service throughout the validity of the contract.
  • 2. Expert services: An AMC allows you to gain the best services from experts who are well-skilled and qualified to maintain the performance of your system. You can rest assured that your computer is in good hands.
  • 3. Wide range of services: You can opt for all kinds of software as well as hardware services as part of your AMC contract.